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The order form attached allows you to purchase an “emergency comfort kit” for your child to be kept at the school.  You can of course make your own comfort kit (information for this will be sent in a separate email) but this in another option for your family.  If you are interested in purchasing this kit,  please print the form out and fill in and return to the school by November 5th with a cheque made payable to Happy Valley PAC .  When the kits are delivered to the school, they will be sent home for you to any personal items.  Once you have filled the kit, please send back to the school and they will be stored until the end of year.  In June, the kits will be returned to you.

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Look at one of our sunflowers!



What a wonderful day for everyone at Happy Valley! Our staff decided to join on our students in play during recess ” flash mob” style. The students couldn’t believe their eyes! What were all these adults doing on the slides, monkey bars, swing sets, playing tetherball and skipping?”

There were smiles ear to ear for everyone as we spent time connecting and continuing to build relationships. The question from the students as they left the playground-“Are you guys coming out to play tomorrow?”.

Enjoy your summer playing with your children- we know we sure did!

What a perfect way to end the school year.

Take care and we will see you in September!



No safe arrival this year.
If your child is away…please email our secretary.


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